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Poetry — Can You Possibly Make Money As A Poet?

I am Michael Levin and books are my babies. Joshua wrote and it said that he wanted a video about poetry so let’s talk about poetry.
The first thing that I want to share with you about poetry is there was a man named Robert Graves in English writer who decided to the early 20’s, all we wanted to do with his life was like poetry. So he was very fine British classical education and he wrote a novel about Roman history called “I Claudius” and then a simple called Claudius the god. And as result of those two novels he made all the money needed, to pay for the rest of his life, so that is my first selection suggestion if you are going to be a great poet right to novels make a fortune and then you are good. Now in the 1980’s Robert Graves, was still alive he came to NYU to the business school and spoke there which is really funny, when you think about it. A portal into a business school and the business student’s central, Mr. Graves, why do you write poetry there is no money in poetry? And he responded is only a British poet ca not up but there is no poetry and money either a brilliant right post.

Now let’s get serious what do you need to know if you are going to make it is a poet. Today the first thing is that there is money in poetry for the last 20 years there has been. The reality is that you can sell poetry collections and make money. And you can get people to read your poetry online you get people to buy books of poetry the right on Amazon, Kindle or our regular amazon are however you as a physical book however you want to do it. So it really idea that there is no money in poetry because there is, that is the first thing change your mindset. The next is that we live in an era going back at least to the nineteen sixties and the four trio say fill of LRAKIN, check out high windows or his poem remembers city by bechet the great jazz musician. From the 60’s to the present so it is half a century, the rule poultry it is been that there are no rules.

The first was there are no rules, what does it mean. It is mean that at one point where for most the time, poetry had to be in meter I am but pentameter, examiners wherever you want it. Mike Greek, each Greek professor Rachel Kitzinger and Amherst College said that she thought the poetry had major, because people danced to it back in the day is that the chorus in the creek play with dance too. The lines at the chorus that they spoke so they had to be in meter, they had to have a consistent rhythm rather as people who stop to dance Stravinsky it was through the American Ballet Theatre. So back in the day and that is to say for centuries and centuries. Poetry rhymed scant is following a meter and in today that is no longer the case is the 60’s people basically done relive all those rules poetry and kind a anything goes.

Now this is dead from perspective of people needing some sort of guidelines and it is also bad because there is no real objectivity in what is good. What is good is whatever a publisher or an editor at The New Yorker the Atlantic or somewhere likes. If they like it is good, if they do not like it is bad why it is good because they liked it why is it bad? That they can come up with a reason, so that kind a lives in a difficult spot because there is no real way to safety is at the standards for poetry today. So instead of sweating that stuff, what you want to think about is learn everything that you can about meter and scanning. Learn the difference between a TRO key and I am I A&B learn this stuff. You need to know it.

First learn all the rules that you can think about breaking the rules, so the first thing that I want you to do is change in mindset and yes there is money to be made. The second is to realize that everything is subjected to be just what people like. And the third thing is learner all the rules and then once you learned all the rules breaks them to your heart’s content because that is poetry today. Follow them have your poems scan, have them rhyme, have in the classical sonnet form for example. Whatever you want to do or break all the rules and create your own genre that is fine but, whatever you do I want you to have a consistent perspective our point of view in your poems. The same way you know that a musician will have certain guidelines or basic ideas about how every one of his songs will be. They all kind a fit that form and of course should above or time, But in any given period in that artists offer work they compose you can always see all these poems at this with the songs that were.

I want you to have consistency in your poetry so that people say “oh” they can they would know it is your poem even without them having your name attached to it which is recognizes it stylistically. That recognizes in terms of point of view that recognize in terms of where choice in other words I do not want you imitating the poems you see in the New Yorker at the Atlanta current in some sort of the magazine. You do not want to be the 10,000 copy up some published poet. You want to be the best original poet you can be. That is the goal, so let is review there is money in poetry. There are no rules there is only subjectivity it is whatever gatekeeper that likes that is what is good. Learn the basics, learn the rules and write poetry with passion and on this day.