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Poet-to-Poet: Juan Felipe Herrera, “Five Directions to My House”

My name is Juan Felipe Herrera, this poem is called five directions to my house.

1. Go back to the grain yellow hills with a broken speak aveligans.

2. Walk up to the canvas store the short bed stretched against the clouds.

3. Beneath the earth and ant wries with the grace of governor

4. Blow blow red tail hawk your hidden sleeve your desert sequence.

5. You are almost their without a name without a body go now.

6. I said 5 said Five like a guitar says six.

You know I used to play the guitar when I was 16 and I got into the folk song movement, and a harmonica strapped around my neck and then is to play it like but dealing with the press was coming out. And so the guitar is kinda inside this poem somewhere and red-tailed hawks, I just love birds a that sizes so majestic a little birds to and that’s about it you know I just started writing and I started with the tile five directions to my house.

And I use numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and it begins go back to the green yellow hills so then I went back and let the poem go and then I finish that up with something about that guitar.
And I I was happy because has six lines and yet there is five directions, so I like having a little puzzle in there and to let you a figure it out and to let me figure it out too. And that is a protest the idea behind poetry I have to figure out and maybe the reader has to figure it out to, and maybe between both of us.