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Jenny Toste’s interview with former U.S. Poet Laureate Phil Levine with tips for writers

Six forty nine now we continue our local author series in support of our wild about books contest for students, whenever most famous local writers is former Us Poet Laureate, Philip Levine he says affirmation like this contest is important for young authors.

U.S. poet and laureate philippine has on memories of his fellow writers some from fresno, or they were very important to me just understanding that you were part of something rather than this lone eagle. That encouragement captain writing I did not say to myself that you just eighteen nineteen twenty, I’m gonna be a poet, you know that I wake up at I know how people on it knackered it was always a day-by-day decision today. I’m gonna try to write, today I’m gonna try to write, and after twenty volumes he became public more yet getting readings all over the country. Some some brought their children to hear upon worried, it was great anne got here because the teachers like John Sinclair, you have a real gift you should be a writer i would say you should be a poet. This guy tells me this I’m never forget I will never forget the event on never forget this is preparing an agreement more than anything that ever came afterwards, because that’s what i needed affirmation the most.

Meaning even more to him and his pulitzer a nice time and other riders sharpen his skills, the class i was in three of us were to be would go on and win the pulitzer prize out of twelve that’s pretty good bedding everyday. He started learning by reading and imitating formal poetry for years begin to look very carefully at the poetry i admired most how do they go just said to myself you never know when this unless you do it, just reading it isn’t enough. And that is advice for new writers to, find the writing that that really is for you given that book of that person’s work study it, don’t be afraid to sound like it use these poems are out there as models your originality will with eventually come through you don’t have a voice yet you’re on your way to discovering that relax relax.

And to become a better writer is he says that writing everything that occurs he’ll read and write lessening everything you’re doing, keep it for a while look at it show it to people’s the hardest thing a course is to find another person who will tell you the truth what they really think.Levine says teachers can help students love poetry by exposing them to different type so they are, find something relevant to who they are through a poem that they’re not nearly as isolated as they think they are that they are other people with mindset consciousness very similar to what they have they’re not alone in the universe to learn that is it an incredible gift. So fantastic to be speaking with having to have a nice a guy hasn’t he said he’d like to have a decent more power to the right he’s still traveling talking a different groups and he said, if you don’t love poetry it’s ok no bailout any other professor presents a very much for more than thirty years so it’s a really impressive to have somebody from the valley inspiring other young writers to continue to write.

And thanks to Dan Dunkley for providing us a copy and our walk with Tom Jefferson a collection of mister Phil Levine poetry were gonna give away this book right now, call number, 6227 – 470 or 227 – 4788. When that book more than twenty that he’s written and if you are inspiring writer the while about books contest is now open to students in third through twelfth grade enter decide our website cbs fortyseven.tv. Put the on your side by hostile later this morning when it was more that interview with him as some of the state of numbers from being poet laureate and how he really had that going in writing in his development.