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Interview with Vancouver poet and painter Gabryel Harrison

The concept of a void my work yes related the sense that in the void lies all possibility, so them the space that may appear empty in that the canvas is a working with them for in a tree or with the voice that are in the landscape for this sense of empty find the landscraper. For me are me using that emptiness as a way to express the in the possibility lies in what we don’t yet know you know, the sense of the unknown that lies always before us that that hunger for what
is around the corner or what comes next in our life is my with that sense desire possibility is what keeps us all moving forward and curious and mom wanting to you continue the exploration of are life.

The influence of the poetic lines may be evident in their paintings makers, your think that wear them is really important in the work finding the rhythmic line throughout their painting, I suppose it’s an influence from hearing the poor decline in your head with your writing at or reading it. They say that work to actually hear the line you’re hearing the breath love the person that’s written a the palm, so if you could you know kinda bring that sensibility to a painting maybe the gives an opportunity for the viewer to be protect themselves into in there kinda adjuster the worms. Its really about the pain it’s not so much about the perfect pene are the perfect rose it’s just really about how did the shapes work together how are these shapes creating you know some sort of dynamic conversation, and how did these calls one together so once you want to establish their sort of general composition and then I just began to work with the collar. Then I love them painting dictate it sounds like I don’t not like copying particular okay even on the might be one it’s just that really that about paint material and how to push it around and how to make that be exciting, so it’s whatever I can do to get the present it’s not about was that hell exactly you know where rose petal looks just like what he felt like when you look at that particular you know flower thats been given to her arrived when your vision, it’s about I’ll charging them with some sort of presence that you’ll and gives them their own story language.

Hi my name’s Gabriel Harrison I’m a painter and a potom working in Vancouver, and I love the that sends a destroying a building up again because you actually never lose it and when whatever comes back, I was back with more power behind even though you something to write I like it simply by just do that and you know you you do run that rest. But I’ll I think that the risk is part of what makes the painting supercharged exciting in the end movie if you don’t see it as a viewer like that you’ve taken that risk takes it into another round.