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The 2011 National Poetry Slam Host Committee maintains this website and all content is © 2011 nps2011.com except for photographs and logos that represent Facebook, MySpace, Tumblr and Poetry Slam, Inc. You are welcome to send us questions comments and feedback via the contact form.

The NPS 2011 logo was designed by the talented Gary Hoare.

All header photos are © 2011 Marshall Goff. Photographs were taken at Cambridge poetry events including these venues: Cantab Lounge, Cambridge YMCA, Middle East Rock Club and All Asia Bar and Restaurant. Event photos also come from the Bridge Cafe in Manchester, NH. Other media photos are © as noted, including photos by Rich Beaubien. To obtain use of our photos for publication or promotion, please send a message tocontact us.

Dawn Gabriel designed the website. Send technical inquiries to Erik Daniel.

Credits for the video titled “What is Poetry Slam?” go to Mike Henry and Kyle Fuller, and animation credits go to Powerhouse Animation.

DJ Muse recorded the poetry audio at the Boston Poetry Slam.

We are grateful to all of the writers, technical gurus, artists and poets who have given us permission to use their work or images in connection with the 2011 National Poetry Slam.

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