Mahogany Browne

Tonight is our first guest appearance by artist, writer, poet, photographer, potter, student, teacher, thinker, dreamer & Loser Slam Team (NJ)  member, MaryCae Vignolini….

Mahogany L. Browne was the first poet I ever saw feature at Loser Slam, NJ. She said that poetry is her livelihood and I wanted to ask her how she made a living doing poetry so that maybe I could do the same. I never asked her that question but I know why she’s successful. She writes every day, takes initiative with her career, reaches out to her community and never gives up.

I took this photograph at The 2011 Women of the World Poetry Slam Final Stage, several years after I saw her feature. Mahogany continues to be an inspiration in my life and by example, she gives me reason to always strive for growth.

She’s a mother, friend, teacher, mentor and an inspiration for aspiring and seasoned poets.

–Until next week

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