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Thanks for coming to the 2011 National Poetry Slam!

We did it!

The 2011 National Poetry Slam has come and gone, and we at the host city committee owe a great debt of thanks to all of you who attended, volunteered, watched, and judged our events. We are especially thankful to those of you who waited so patiently in line for our sold-out events; this year’s crowds were unprecedented in the history of the National Poetry Slam, and although it represented an inconvenience for many of you, your patience and tolerance are deeply appreciated. The ultimate meaning is clear: slam is gaining in popularity in a way it never has before, and we are honored to have hosted so many of you at our nearly 100 events.

The winning poem belonged to Tony D. He entitled it: An Ode to the Cloud:

Hard disk drive,
Why has thou forsaken me?

Why do you mock thee,
Wow I really suck at this.

So if you want a great deal
for carbonite backup,

Just click the link and
and you’ll get it in a blink.

Congratulations to the 2011 National Poetry Slam Champion: Slam Nuba from Denver, Colorado, as well as our other finalists: Nuyorican Poets Cafe (New York City, NY) in second place, Providence Poetry Slam (Providence, RI) in third, and Writing Wrongs (Columbus, OH) in fourth.

The Spirit of the Slam winner for NPS 2011 is Sonya Renee, who has worked tirelessly to keep our community open, safe, and understanding for all our members.

For those who expressed concern about the poet with medical concerns at the YMCA on Friday night: the poet has asked us to pass on that he is 100% fine and grateful for everyone’s support. That poet did perform both successfully and beautifully the next day at the make-up semi-final in the Old Baptist Church.

The 2011 National Poetry Slam Host Committee worked extremely hard with Poetry Slam, Inc., to bring you this amazing week of poetry. Congratulations and thank you to all of our artists, volunteers, hosts and bout managers, and audience. We are so happy to share poetry slam with you.

Watch for the 2012 National Poetry Slam, coming to Charlotte, North Carolina!

Special thanks to our top sponsors:

Finals Night Host
Finals Night sponsor: Berklee College of Music
Host Hotel
Host Hotel
Collaborating Partner
collaborating partner: Cambridge Arts Council
Host City Slam

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